Charlama is open, Sarajevo got the prestigious gallery of contemporary art

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On Thursday, 11 August at the Gallery of Contemporary Art Charlama officially opened a large exhibition "The Creators" at which their works exhibited 101 artists of BiH, the region and the world. Renovated gallery space was too small to accommodate all audiences that the opening of this iconic art space in the city. The exhibition will last for a month, so that all interested will be able to see the exhibition, which is the number of participants or the quality of work, already declared the biggest event in the field of contemporary art in BiH this year.


Art historian Nermin Zildzo said in his address to the artistic importance of this exhibition, and reflected on their own artists who are presented here:


- About half of the artists are from Bosnia, but more half of them live outside BiH. This dissection of the consequences of turbulent weather that is behind us, but today is also a kind of thematic and aesthetic richness of artistic scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Charlama and this exhibition is an excellent platform to meet our art scene with regional and global.


Yusuf Hadzifejzovic, creator Charlama and its artistic director, explained of his reasons why the prior 15 years, returned to Bosnia. For him, Charlama is a continuation of what he and some artists worked eighties when they were making "Yugoslav document", the most important art event in the BiH  before the war.


- Art has to be unpredictable and can not be created by decree. This is exactly what we are doing - we are recognize things at the moment. BiH now has no money for culture but never had more good artists. Therefore, it must find a way to show these artists here and in the world“,  said Hadzifejzović.


Only the opening of the exhibition was moderated by well-known journalist and activist in the field of culture Kristina Ljevak, which is approached to the audience turbulent but successful history of the gallery, and the audience met with a core artist group that is in the last ten years working on affirmation of these galleries. She stressed the role of conceptual artists Jusuf Hadzifejzovic and Sasa Bukvic, film director and producer Jasmin Durakovic BiH , editor at FTV Boris Siber, and Mirsad Catic Cuperak.


The policy and its relationship to culture is mentioned several times during the opening of the exhibition. President of the Center of cultural activities Charlama and film director Jasmin Durakovic explained the new concept of the gallery but also touched on the relationship of the authorities towards culture:




- Charlama was for years one of the leading center of contemporary art in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this change in the concept of the gallery logical sequence of things. Even 5-6 years ago our famous Bosnian artist Ismar Mujezinovic proposed us a dish to this place called the Gallery of Contemporary Art, because it is already in its concept, the people who lead and the quality was just that. On the other hand, we are dissatisfied with the work of the Department of Culture at the Ministry of Civil Affairs BiH and the method of selection for the support of art and culture projects. The mission of this ministry is precisely the promotion of art and culture of international interest in BiH.  Charlama more years, although properly applied, can not pass on their competitions. If this is what works Charlama and Yusuf Hadžifejzović not of interest to the culture in BiH to the wider international level, then let someone tells us what it is. We urge the Minister Adil Osmanović to introduce the criterion of high aesthetic criteria in their competition and affects the operation of advisers within their ministries. This will help artists in BiH, but also the very culture itself and the ministry headed.


He, like all the other participants, opening said very positively the role that the re-opening of this gallery was the current Minister of Culture and Sport of the Sarajevo Canton Mirvad Kurić, and director of the Center Skenderija Amer Kapo.

The famous Serbian conceptual artist Uros Djuric that the opening appeared in the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina addressed the audience on behalf of artists and podcratao importance of such cooperation artists in the region.

 Finally, the Minister Kurić opened a new-old gallery and wished to be true Charlama house for artists in BiH.


- The government of Canton Sarajevo  supports such projects and will find ways for them to be backed. On the other hand, you expect to be active platform for domestic and foreign authors and house where the well-managed and host", said Minister Kurić.


The exhibition opened with opera arias, performed by the opera star from National Theatre Sarajevo Aida Corbadzic, accompanied by the principal dancer of the same house were smokers Nadja Pusilo and Selma Strbo Arnautovic.


The exhibition The Creators open next month and can be seen every day, except Sunday, from 13-20h. The gallery is located in the underground of the Skenderija, across Collegium Artisticum.

More information on: FB The Creators

(DEPO Portal / BLIN Magazine / Photo: Miodrag Spasojevic Strike)